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11 December, 2012

Gingerbread shoe

It only took two sleepless nights, masses of gingerbread dough and a whole lot of icing sugar but I finally finished.
I ended up with a gingerbread shoe for fairies.

Ok maybe it's more of a boot.
I imagine that it got left in the enchanted garden by some age old gardener. There it sat, falling apart and gradually becoming one with the earth.
The grass began to find it's way around the sole of the boot, the flowers stuck their roots in every crack and crevice and the vines of slithering plants imbedded themselves in it becoming one with the cracking brown leather.

There it sat, alone.
Until finally some fairies found it.
They made it their home.
They carved windows in the tough leather to let the light in.
And they built a little house on top... for the view.

 If you look closely they are waiving at you.

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